Is Cloud Technology Secure?

cloud technology secure

Cloud technology, whilst still a developing technology, is rapidly changing the way that companies are storing and accessing large amounts of sensitive data related to their business. Rather than keep data storage in-house, companies can save on expenses by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance to third party servers where the data is held off-site and […]

HOW TO: Install Snow Leopard in VMware Windows 7 edition


Before we begin, let me share some glimpse about Snow leopard. This Mac OS Snow leopard was released in June 8, 2009 Although its been couple of years this OS been released why am I telling you now how to install on windows7? The reason behind this is very simple, it the most powerful OS and awesome […]

HOW TO: Make Free Calls Worldwide from Your Android & iPhone Device with Viber


Android is a platform, where you can do killer stuff. And iPhone is certainly killing device. So, although these devices complete you but the operator is as important as you have a killer feature. And what is the Funn if you do not try calling people on the other side of the world? In this […]

3 Android Apps to Turn Your Phone Into a Mobile Document Scanner


Do you have an Android Phone? And Do you want to scan a Document to scan using your Android phone? Then this is the right article you should reading. Since the launch of Android there has been just so many chaos and conflicts in technology. Every other Android app developer wants to develop a new […]

Latest and Upcoming Phones from Blackberry – A Look

blackberry curve

Blackberry and RIM seem to have realized that they can’t sustain their market share by living off former glories. Where the Blackberry once represented more of a messaging device and less of a smartphone it is now required to be the best of both worlds and the new BB7 range reflects just that. A Blackberry […]

HOW TO: Access Google Drive Cloud Storage Offline [Without Internet]


Its been some days since the launch of Google drive cloud storage. The Google Drive cloud storage offers 5GB of online storage for FREE to all the Google users. Its extended with Google docs profile, so that access to your files is made easy. The interface is pretty clean and neat. The Google Drive offers […]

HOW TO: Download Torrent File on Android Platform


Torrent download have become immensely popular nowadays. Every other multimedia files can downloaded through torrents. Even top developing software have the option of downloading through torrents for example the software which is used to build Android apps Eclipse can be downloaded through torrents. On Android, everything you see is just the process of the beginning. […]

Is LED TV Better than HDTV?

High definition television sets have become the default way to enjoy both films and television shows in the comfort of a home for most Americans in the last decade. The cathode ray tube television sets of years past only had a maximum resolution of 480p. High definition television sets, on the other hand, have a […]

Android Certification Best Choice For Android Developers

Would you like to become an Android developer? Well, in order for you to be successful, there are things that you need to go through first. In order to get the job in this kind of industry, you fairly need to pass an Android certification. However, do you have any idea about what would be […]

How to Deal with a Slow Internet Connection

A slow Internet connection can give you that extra push to go and wash up or head out to the shops. However, sometimes a slow internet connection will eat into your productivity. You may be working from home and discover that you’re wasting time trying to get things done that could be completed in minutes […]

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