Creative FB timeline apps for logo designers


Facebook is among the most popular social media site, which was seen coming up with a number of timeline apps. These applications simply help the consumers to share their experiences to the world. With these apps, the focus seems to be more on the interests and activities of people and hence it has become mandatory […]

Top 5 Social Media Monitoring Tools, Seek the Awesomeness of these Social Tools


Social media monitoring tools are very essential when you are ought to spread your site presence around the world. We have seen that users spend more time on social networks to share various types of media and information. We are in need of sophisticated social media monitoring tools that helps us analyze and monitor various […]

Increasing Your Email Marketing Reach

increasing your email marketing reach

If you’re a business owner who is thinking about or has begun an email marketing campaign, likely one of your top concerns is how to get the most out of it.  In other words, how to ensure the reach of your email marketing campaign is as large as possible.  After all, a lot of resources […]

Hello world! – Greetings Earthlings:)

Hi everyone, This is a great venture by “SlashBall Networks Media” namely “”. Here you will know about the latest happenings on many aspects of technology and blogging. Some glimpse of this media group: They approached me to do this site and will be promoting this site for gaining and sharing knowledge with you. The […]

What Happens in Your Place of Business When the Internet is Slow?


It’s a dreaded occurrence almost everyone has experienced: You’re working at an office that either hasn’t been clued in to the many advantages of high speed internet, or the internet has slowed down for whatever reason, and your bandwidth drops to a crawl. These days, when so many businesses use and rely upon the internet, […]

Google Project Glass is Google Goggles for your head, Is it a great idea or just another Gimmick?

google project glass

Google recently unveiled Google Project Glass, an augmented reality eyeglasses. This new tech is driving most of the people a lot more curious. Google’s previous smashing tech was launch of Android. And now this Google glass, a new hype is created in this niche and competition and attraction is gained. The Google glass project is […]

Shifting From Traditional Console to Mobile Gaming

Mobile Gaming

Every 20+ year old who is reading this can surely relate and reminisce the days when Nintendo, Family Computer, and Play Station 1 were king of the gaming world. Then shortly after, XBOX and Play Station 2 came about. Soon, computers also had gaming capabilities. Fast forward to a few years, there’s a new kid […]

Top Tips for Using Mobile Apps to Boost Your Earning Potential

mobile apps

If you want to create a successful online or offline business, it is a must to take advantage of mobile apps. Since more and more people rely on their mobile phones for everyday tasks and entertainment, not taking advantage of the trend could be costly. Fortunately, here are 4 tips for using mobiles to boost […]

Pros and Cons of Website Builders

site builder

If you’re thinking of starting a website you’ll know that there are many different ways to build a website. If you’re a programmer or you’re thinking of hiring one you can create a whole website from scratch, alternatively you can create one using a website editor, like Dreamweaver, or you can use a website builder. […]

Google+ StartsVerification Badge Program [VIDEO]

  We are very familiar with the release of Google+ and its impact and its cool new features. The important aspect is that the loading is easy simple and familiar and fast. Google+ recently announced a new verification badge program. For all those who are Big celebrities then mirror or duplicate accounts are banned and […]

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