A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!

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With in a few months after releasing Galaxy s4. SAMSUNG has come up with another Smart phone continuing the Galaxy series.

images 2 A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is pretty similar to the standard version of the Galaxy s4 except it is tougher with dust and waterproofing thrown into the mix, and the fact it only has an 8-megapixel rear facing camera instead of a 13-megapixel unit. Waterproof to a meter below the surface and for up to 30 minutes, the Active carries on computing with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, Samsung’s TouchWiz interface, and a 1.9GHz quad-core processor, the same as its more delicate Galaxy s4 sibling..

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Those who aren’t fans of Samsung’s general design ethos won’t be won over – the S4 Active is still extremely “plasticky,” and TouchWiz is just as overbearing as it was on the Galaxy S4. But since phones with water and dust resistance tend to be on the low end of the mid-range, the S4 Active is number one with a bullet if you work or play hard, and don’t want to compromise on your Android hardware.

images 1 A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!

We love that Samsung has finally made waterproofing a feature rather than a fail-safe against damage. A lot of other rugged handsets that make the same waterproof claims stop short of turning the capability into a real benefit

Galaxy S4 Active: Specifications

  • Processor: 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600
  • GPU: Adreno 320
  • Network compatibility: GSM quad-band, LTE bands 2, 4, 5 & 17
  • Operating system: Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz Nature UX 2.0
  • Display: 5″ 1920×1080 (441 DPI) TFT LCD
  • Memory: 2GB RAM / 16GB storage (10GB usable)
  • Cameras: 8MP rear / 2MP front
  • Battery: 2600mAh, removable
  • NFC: Yes
  • Ports / expandable storage: microUSB / microSD
  • Thickness: 9.1mm
  • Weight: 149g (5.3oz)


  • Nearly all the hardware power and flexibility of the original S4
  • Tough, waterproof body that you don’t have to worry about
  • Screen is fantastic, and easier to read in sunlight than AMOLED
  • Size is comparable to the Galaxy S4

The BAD:

  • Still feels like Samsung’s typical plasticky quality
  • Signal is noticeably lower than other Samsung phones
  • Camera isn’t up to snuff with the S4
  • Physical navigation buttons – wouldn’t on-screen nav buttons make more sense here?
  • Only available in 16GB

download 11 A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!


A special camera setting called Aqua mode lets you use the volume buttons as the capture or video record key.The reason for this is that the touch screen is shut down when Aqua mode is engaged. When we tried out the feature we found it a little tricky to use underwater.

Physically, the Active has a slightly beefier feel than its less-armored cousin. It’s a bit thicker and the chassis carries a little extra heft.  Of course the four screws on the back are a little menacing compared with the slimmer Galaxy S4. The rest of the phone is more or less the same as the standard S4: a big 5-inch screen taking up most of the front, the back mostly bare save for the camera and LED flash. The right edge has the power button, with the left edge holding the volume rocker. Both buttons are smaller than their S4 counterparts, and oddly tapered into the seam of the plastic border. The S4 Active has a “ring” similar to the S4, but because it’s colored like the battery cover, it’s harder to notice at a casual glance.

nexusae0 wm IMG 0173 thumb 300x199 A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!


Samsung’s standard collection of branded apps are present, in addition to AT&T’s seemingly unavoidable add-ons. For the love of God, AT&T, give up on AT&T Navigator already. You also get Flipboard, Polaris Office 5, TripAdvisor, and the Yellow Pages. The full complement of Google Play media apps are present, as are Chrome, Google+, and Google Talk (which was almost instantly replaced by Hangouts). Most of these can be disabled through Android’s Apps menu if you like, though a few of Samsung’s first-party apps are unavoidable. The only non-Google app I feel inclined to hang onto is Samsung’s built-in file browser, which does well enough if you don’t need root capabilities.


Here’s the main thing about the $500 on-contract S4 Active: there’s no other option on AT&T for a top-of-the-line phone that’s specifically designed to resist the rigors of an active job or lifestyle.

download1 A Closer Look On Samsung Galaxy S4 Active..!


There’s a lot of words up there, and they boil down to this: the Galaxy S4 Active is just like the S4, with a tougher shell and a slightly reduced camera. All the hardware and software features of Sammy’s flagship are intact, for better or worse. If you want a Galaxy S4 that you can take to the poolside or a job site with the reasonable expectation of it surviving, this is it.

I’m pretty sure once you start using Samsung Galaxy s4 active. It even keeps you active..!

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