Apple Beats Samsung as Top Phone Seller in US: Report

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apple beats samsung Apple Beats Samsung as Top Phone Seller in US: ReportApple has the credit of being the largest mobile selling company in U.S and has made its way ahead over its arch competitor Samsung mobiles as per the reports emanating from the last quarter of the year 2012. I was just about to play my usual game of bejeweled slot machine before I read that Neil Mawston who is the Strategy Analytics Executive director has asserted that in United States Apple has become the number one mobile phone vendor and the first position is indeed regarded to be quite coveted over the fact that it has bagged such an honored position for the first time ever.

He further went on to say that Apple could not have been into such a coveted position if there were no sophisticated and unique features with iPhone. Needless to say, that App Store is synonymous with innumerable applications.

The marketing of iPhone has effectively been carried on a large and sophisticated scale all through the U.S

As per the figures of the “Strategy Analytics”, there has been an extremely close competition between Apple and Samsung shipments. This is indeed the statistics of the last three months of 2012. In this tenure, 17.7 million units were shipped by Apple and it constituted around 34% of the share of the market. On similar lines, Samsung was not far behind either as it indeed put an extremely close fight with 16.8 million shipments, thereby it accounted to 32.2% of market share.

apple vs samsung Apple Beats Samsung as Top Phone Seller in US: Report

Although, Apple’s U.S market share was second to Samsung’s for almost full year of 2012, but in the final quarter Apple surpassed Samsung with the aforesaid mentioned 32.2% share.

Colin Gillis who is a tech analyst at BGC Financial aired his views at the Wall Street Journal’s MarketBeat, that apart from Samsung and Apple, the whole market is littered with car wrecks. Hence, it is not wrong to say that Apple and Samsung has emerged clear winners across the market of U.S

Hence, the news cannot get bigger and better than this for Apple which has the credit of being the winners in a convincing way. As per the data, whopping 52 million mobile phones have been sold in totality and there has been an increase of 4% in sales as well.

It is to be seen whether Apple is able to retain its number one position, only time will tell since competition is intense. Hence, one has to wait and watch as well.







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