HOW TO: Give Your Stream A New Look With G + Me For Google +

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Since Google+ has become immensely popular and eye catching features. Although sometimes you might feel that the Google+ stream is too simple looking. The reason behind it is that its  always simple and complicated things that matter. And since the launch of Chrome its been awesome experience for Google to know its subscribers better. Here I’ll let you know a really good extension exclusively for Chrome to Stream you Google+ using G+.

Here is another extension for Google+ which is G+. You might have noticed that the more people share their post and people comment on them, but as the comment increases you will see too many updates and difficult to notice which is the latest update and hence use this simple cool widget to make things simpler. This extension will let you to remove massive commenting and display it very easily.

unnamed 261 HOW TO: Give Your Stream A New Look With G + Me For Google +

This extension allows you to see updates and stream in List mode which is the main feature of this extension. I think this mode is really cool and instead of scrolling down to the last post, you are able to view this posts directly and very instantly on your side. All the unread comments will be in red and once the comment is viewed it turns to ash.

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  1. Nice little extension which makes working with Google plus even easier. Thanks a lot for the share Suraj

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