Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

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Google Chrome is the other and the second largest and widely used web browsers in the Internet world. Users communicate through various other sources and build connections using this simple web browsers. But how do you make a right choice of choosing a great browser? The answer lies with the development and its extensions and addons.

google chrome full hd Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

Four things where you should focus to see that before choosing a better browser is:

  1. Better Standards
  2. Great Performance
  3. Awesome Security
  4. Super cool Plugins

The above are pretty much satisfied in Google Chrome. Henceforth we can predict in the near future Google Chrome might surpass Mozilla Firefox which is widely and popularly used. It works based on a technology called WebKit Layout Engine. It has the capacity to load complex websites in a lighting speed. Google Chrome is designed with V8 Javascript Engine, an open source and powerful platform for running java script. It gives a high speed and light-weight browser towards the user.

In this post I’ll help you choose best on best plugins for Google Chrome just for you:

  1. Fastest tube

    This Extension will help you your yourtube videos on the go. The extension is embeded onto the player and as you watch you can download the video in various formats like MP4 720p,MP4 480p etc. INSTALL Fastest tubefastest tube 560x5341 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension


  2. Gtalklet

    This extension will embed chat of your google account always on chrome, its really handy in use. INSTALL Gtalkletgtalklet 560x2321 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  3. What font

    You might fins a font really cool in some webpage and want to know which font it is, then this extension helps you fins it. INSTALL What fontwhatfont 560x2012 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  4. Tab Cloud

    You can now save your tab and access through multiple remote systems. This saves in cloud and help you for this purpose. INSTALL Tab Cloudtabcloud 560x1901 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  5. X-Notifier

    This notifies all your mail from your inbox easily. INSATLL X-Notifierx notifier 560x1891 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  6. You Tube Options for Google Chrome

    Customize outube options wiht the help of this extension. INSATLL You Tube Options for Google Chromeyoutube 560x1571 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  7. Pure Reader

    This extension helps you read your feed or RSS in just quick and silly ways. INSTALL Pure Readerpure reader 560x1911 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  8. Google Chrome Dual View

    This helps you view dual window in a split screen format. INSATLL Google Chrome Dual View

  9. Sticky Notes

    This helps you note down quickly if your boss speaks to you very instantly to joist down points. INSTALL Sticky Notes

  10. Facebook Notifications

    Do you use a Facebook a lot, then this extension helps you notify updates without even visiting Facebook. INSTALL Facebook Notifications

  11. Chromed Bird

    An embedded Twitter client right into the heart of Google Chrome. INSATLL Chrome Bird

  12. Yahoo! Messenger

    An instant Yahoo! messenger just for you. INSTALL Yahoo! Messenger

  13. Cooliris

    Do you want to view your webpage in 3D, then this is the extension you should be looking for. INSTALL Cooliris

  14. TV Chrome

    Watch TV channels on Chrome. More than 2800 channels available. INSTALL TV Chrome

  15. Session Saver

    This extension helps you save your current session and you can restore your same session later. INSTALL Session

  16. Add Into

    This extension helps you share your favorite content to anywhere maily social networking sites. INSTALL Add Intoaddinto 560x1891 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  17. History Site Blocker

    Block your recently used history or anyday before. INSTALL History Site Blockerhistory 560x2011 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  18. Postpone Page

    Postpone Page is a chrome extension which lets you to save and read your favorite content later. Highlight of this extension is, it is very light-weighted and to save a webpage just double click on the Postpone Page icon near to address bar and the current page will be closed. Later you can find the Postponed Pages by clicking on the extension. INSTALL Postpone Pagepostpone page 560x1801 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  19. Panic Button

    This extension helps you close all tabs instantly when you click this button. This is a very helpful tool if you are using for something you are not suppose to browse. INSTALL Panic Buttonpanic button 560x1961 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  20. Tab Jump

    Tab Jump is a best tab manager for chrome browser. INSTALL Tab Jumptab jump 560x1901 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  21. SG Plus

    You can integrate your Facebook and Twitter account with Google Plus. So that your Facebook and Twitter accounts can be updated automatically as you update on Google Plus. INSTALL SG Plussgplus 560x1911 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  22. Croppr

    Crop your images while you browse instantly using this extension. INSTALL Cropprcroppr 560x2211 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extension

  23. Minus

    Minus helps you to share pictures, music and videos instantly while browsing through web. A short link will be generated after uploading your files into minus server. INSTALL Minminus 560x2231 Popular Top 30+ Must Have Google Chrome Extensionus

  24. XChrome Theme Changer

    To change the theme of your Google Chrome browser this extension is used. INSTALL XChrome Theme Changer

  25. Adsweep

    Download this extension to block all sorts of ads on your webpage. DOWNLAOD Adsweep

  26. Gmail This

    If you want to send any webpage to any of your friends then this extension just helps you to do it. INSATLL Gmail This

  27. Google Page Rank/ Alexa Rank Checker

    Are you a blogger? Then this extension helps you know the pagerank and alexa rank of a webpage. INSATLL Google Page Rank/ Alexa Rank Checker

  28. Chrome.fm

    Share what you listen on Last.fm on Chrom.fm. INSTALL Chrom.fm

  29. Awesome Screenshot

    Take incredible screenshots using this extension of any site. INSTALL Awesome Screenshot

  30. LastPas

    Free password and fill-up-forms manager that help you automatically fill forms of various kinds. INSTALL LastPas

  31. Google Chrome Backup Extension

    You need a backup of all the extension you have istalled, then you again have a extension for this too. INSATLL Google Chrome Backup Extension

Thanks for your time, and reading this long list of Google Chrome Extension. I would appreciate if you would share this post on Facebook , Twitter, especially Digg and StumbleUpon. Safe surfing!

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  1. shenoyjoseph says:

    i m using some of useful Google chrome extension which need for daily life and if i have time i will check other extensions hope it can provide better experience to :)

  2. I also have Google Chrome installed. It works perfectly fine.

    P.S, in TV Chrome, Are Indian Channels displayed?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Very nice informative blog, came to know many detailed info….

  4. Ahsan says:

    What a collection. I have not used most of these chrome extension. I’ll check all these. You have done good work

  5. I was wondering if someone had some idea of code to put in a Google Chrome extension (I’ve already made one) that will automatically delete the ‘&theater’ out of the URL. Any help would be much appreciated!

    • Suraj KV says:

      That is certainly possible, you can write a code to remove “&theater” for Facebook photo view, this extension is already available in Google chrome. You need to think a different one!

  6. I am not big fan of chrome but these extensions making me think twice for chrome

  7. Ho such a big list of Extensions for Chrome and thanks for sharing these Extensions i am not even using one also on Chrome. but Chrome is the Best compared to Opera and Mozilla in my experience.

  8. Robin says:

    Great list of extensions.. Between i like the Genesis in Play for your website. :)



  9. Sudhir says:

    Nice Collection. For Amazon best Chrome Extension is Amazon Discount Finder. You might want to consider this for your viewers. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dmmikjflokckmbobogdldckjobelkldl


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