Is LED TV Better than HDTV?

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High definition television sets have become the default way to enjoy both films and television shows in the comfort of a home for most Americans in the last decade. The cathode ray tube television sets of years past only had a maximum resolution of 480p. High definition television sets, on the other hand, have a maximum resolution of 1080p – more than double that of the sets that most people grew up watching. As a result, televisions are capable of recreating the intended “look” of content in ways that many never thought possible. Very little detail is lost between the original filming or recording process and the transmission in the home.

However, because these sets are still so new, there have been a lot of misconceptions that have prevented people from spending their money wisely. You can’t just walk into a store and buy an HDTV, for example. You have to choose what type of HDTV you actually want – plasma, LED or LCD. All three types have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages.

For starters, the decision isn’t between an HDTV and an LED TV. An LED television set is an HDTV. It is just a very specific type of high definition set. More accurately, LED refers to the specific type of backlight that is used to make the screen as bright as possible. In point of fact, an LED television set really is just a regular plasma television set with an LED backlight installed.

An LED TV has a variety of different advantages over plasma and LCD sets that shouldn’t be ignored. Because of the aforementioned LED backlight, these types of sets tend to be much brighter than their plasma and LCD counterparts. LED television sets are also fully compatible with HDMI cables, which are required to experience true high definition content. If your television service provider is one that supports 1080p broadcasts, all you have to do is connect an HDMI cable to both the set and the cable box to reap the full benefits of that increased resolution.

LED television sets are also typically the cheapest of the three main types of high definition sets that are available on the market today. Because they are so easy to make, these sets also are typically the thinnest. A person would have no problem easily mounting even the biggest LED television set comfortably and securely to a wall in their living room, bedroom or dedicated home theater space.

As far as picture quality goes, LED television set owners don’t have to worry about the phenomenon of “burn in” that is present on plasma sets. If a static image appears on screen too long, the screen could retain that image even when it disappears from the screen. Because an LED television set is really just an upgraded LCD set, burn in isn’t a problem whatsoever.

LED television sets also have excellent color reproduction capabilities when compared to LCD and plasma sets. Red is one of the most difficult colors to accurately reproduce on a television set, but LED sets are specifically designed to remove that problem from the equation altogether.

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