Better Facebook Search through Bing Social

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Its very Obvious that Google is search engine Guru! Although Google realtime search facility is so cool, there are some feature that are adopted by Google from Bing (new search engine from Microsoft). For example the image preview that you see when you search for a image i.e zoom or focus which was earlier implemented by Bing network when it was released. And video buffering as you hover through video search was also initiated by Bing. These are some killer features offered by Bing initially. And the trademark Wall papers from Bing, which keeps changing daily and you can view the previous ones too. Well enough boosting about Bing, as the features in it are some innovative things.

bing social 1024x579 Better Facebook Search through Bing Social

Sometimes when you search through Facebook, it might be a group or your friends or a Fan page for that matter, the search is not that refined that’s what I feel. So I came looking up thinking when I’ve some killer search engines why would I browse social status posts on Facebook. So, I started using Bing social.

The Bing search engine has the database of Facebook as Microsoft has 2percent share in Facebook. And Facebook Data stream is shared by Bing search engine. Bing social is one of the best feature to search social status or user or group or even a fan page. You might want to read some essential apps for you fan page.

Both Bing and Google has started displaying the social status for indexing purpose, as Google has even gone a step ahead in searching its Google+ Data stream and is available to search engines.

Bing social is pretty neat for that matter, it shows shared links, Public updates and thus it gets so easy for you to discover popular stories around your topics of interest in near real-time.

bing search Better Facebook Search through Bing Social

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