What are the main security threats I need to be aware of when using a laptop?

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There are a number of benefits to using a laptop on the go – the versatility to complete projects from a variety of locations, the ability to make conference calls whilst out and about and the aptitude to entertain whilst enduring a long, tiresome commute.

Regardless of whether you choose to stream live video, rent movies, download music or tune into the office email account, wireless Internet connection is a great tool to have. However, it does come with its downfalls.

Top 5 Cyber Security Threats%5B1%5D What are the main security threats I need to be aware of when using a laptop?

Using Wireless Networks Securely

In the past few years, wireless connections have become readily available, not only in our homes, but also whilst on the move. Trains and stations, airports, shopping centres, restaurants and cafes all offer a form of wireless networking, which is often free to use. In certain cases, you may not even realize you are connected to this Internet source.

However, before connecting to such services, you should think about the security threats and be aware that these can take place both in the home and in public.

If you have wireless Internet at home, putting a pin on this service will allow only you and others you allow, to connect to this service. This will stop unwanted individuals from downloading illegal content or any content for that matter.

Most wireless connections will extend for up to 1,000 feet, which means anyone in the vicinity with WiFi connectivity will be able to steal your Internet. If you reside in an apartment block, you could potentially be allowing hundreds of users to connect to an Internet source that only you are paying for.

By allowing this to happen, you could exceed the number of Internet users you are entitled to, experience bandwidth shortages and slow connections as well as abuse by malevolent users.

The same threats are apparent when connecting to other providers. By connecting to another network, you are allowing strangers to access your own accounts. If you don’t have a lock on these accounts, computer hackers could have access to a number of your personal details, including music, videos and pictures.

As well as personal online theft, connecting to a non-safe service may make way for unwanted computer viruses. These unwanted viruses might cause damage to the current software you house, causing your machine to run in a non-descript manner.

If this happens, recycling a virus-ridden laptop as scrap could be the only way to salvage the situation. You can sell your laptop for cash online, and there are a number of websites that will enable you to do this. Thankfully the recycling industry is booming, allowing you to make a little cash on electronic items that are no longer needed.

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