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Network Solutions is an online company that provides a variety of web-based services. These services include domain names, websites, web hosting, email, e-commerce, SSL certificates, marketing, design, social, and mobile applications. We review the e-commerce web design and development services offered by Network Solutions.

E-commerce web design is offered in the form of three packages: Storefront Design, Custom Store Design, and the Custom Store Design Plus package. Each package comes at a different price and provides different options.These are one-time, all-inclusive fees.

At $999, the most basic, Storefront Design package is a great setup for smaller businesses. The package provides 1 and 2-column layouts, custom header and background, custom store layout, home page banner area, and one concept accompanied by one revision opportunity.

At $1,999, the next package is a duplicate of the first, but with some very valuable enhancements. Investors of this package receive additional custom home page, custom navigation, footer, and a total of two available revisions. This package is ideal for those seeking more real-time adaptability.

Finally, the $3,799, Custom Store Design Plus package offers all perks of the middle package, but with the addition of section and item pages, 3-column layout, and up to five revisions. This package is adequate for any size e-commerce establishment.

Network Solutions provides quality service and adequate options in web design and hosting product. Support is available at all times and all packages come with unlimited support and consultation. In conclusion, we can recommend the e-commerce web design services by Network Solutions.

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