Job of an SEO Copywriter

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Getting into Google’s good books is one thing – but the best seo copywriters keep their readers happy, too. Here’s how to make the most of your ranking

Ranking high in search is the online equivalent of moving your business to the high street. It gets your wares in front of more people and there’s more chance you’ll find buyers for the things you sell.

seo copywriter Job of an SEO Copywriter

Most copywriting agencies see their job as helping you get in front of more people. They’ll usually fill your content with key phrases, add in lots of meaningful links, get rid of irrelevant copy and write search-happy meta descriptions – all in the name of generating hits.

And, most of the time, it works. According to this case study, one online publisher got a 450% increase in traffic from seo copywriting alone.

But, once you’ve got lots of potential customers milling around your site, how do you get them to stay? How do you get them to come back? Or bring their friends? And, more importantly, are they going to buy and buy often? Even the most prominent spot on Oxford Street can’t guarantee loyal customers.

If readers don’t find engaging, scannable, creditable content once they reach your page, it’s probably not ready for seo in the first place.

That’s why the first job of any seo writer should be to prepare your pages for readers, long before trying to attract new ones. There are lots of ways to jazz your content up – shorten sentences so they’re easier to read, signpost your page with subheadings and use bullets and bold to make key points easily digestible.

seo copywriting Job of an SEO Copywriter

Making deeper improvements, like creating and implementing a consistent, on-brand tone of voice, take a little more time – but you can reap bigger rewards, such as making your online environment an enjoyable  place to be, and fostering an emotional bond with readers.

In turn, the more attention and kudos from real people your content gets, the higher it will rise in search rankings. In fact, according to this searchmetrics white paper, Facebook shares were the biggest factor in UK search rankings during 2012.

A good ranking alongside usable, interesting content equals a low bounce rate, lots of retained traffic and, ultimately, a significant effect on your bottom line.

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