6 Essential Apps for Your Brand’s Facebook Page

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Facebook is the Godfather in among all the social network. With the release of Facebook lot many friends were just on this site to slack off some stress. But Now Facebook is more than a social network, its even business promotion for product. Facebook fan page is a way to attract people to basically like your products if any or socialize with user or just do some fun stuff. Companies of all sizes are scrambling to get on the site and reach both new and current customers with a Facebook Page, the Facebook preferred method for user interaction with a brand, company or public figure.


  1. Blog RSS Feed Reader:

    If you have a blog or a site and want to promote it on Facebook page page, then this is the app you need to have. Blog feed reader is the best way for attracting readers to make them read  your blog on the go. All you need is a feed URL. There are many similar apps for this purpose, But I have found this app to be very helpful.

  2. Twitter App:

    Post everything what is posted on your Facebook fan page, onto to your Twitter handle. i.e, Transfer every other post on Facebook fan page as a tweet. This will automatically pull your tweets into your Facebook status, and it puts a cute little Twitter-themed box on your profile, so everyone knows you’re cool enough to be on Twitter. It also saves you time in updating AND ensures profile activity to keep you relevant.

  3. Static FBML:

    Do you want to attract more fans to your Facebook fan page, then have a landing page. In the sense you need to build a facebook FBML or HTML type to have welcome page for you fan page. The Static FBML app allows you to add advanced functionality to a page by placing a customizable box in which you can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language), giving you free reign over the space to add images, video, stylized text and almost whatever else you want.

  4. Facebook Notes:

    This app is designed and developed by Facebook and likely to vanish in the near future, but yet still its the most used app for Facebook fan page. Set this application up to pull in the RSS feed from your blog or other content source and it will automatically bring everything into Facebook and show all of your friends that you’ve posted a new Note.

  5. Extended Info:

    Show your HTML snippet onto your Facebook fan page. For example you can have a nice attractive subscription page for your Facebook fan page. This app lets you to add HTML code and provide an extended info for your Facebook fan page. This app works much like the Static FBML application but is slightly easier to use. Although not developed by Facebook, it is highly ranked and provides a nice alternative or second customizable box option on a page.

  6. Flash Player:

    This app is also developed and designed by Facebook. This app allows you to upload you own custom flash for you Facebook fan page. Lets say that you have a little attractive game, that you want your fans to play and know more about your Brand then use this app to showcase your flash game.

Building a Brand is very important and keeping the fans entertained is very highly skilled task. So, I believe these apps are sufficient for you to build and maintain fans for make your Facebook fan page popular. Did I miss anything or any other app you want to suggest to us?

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