HOW TO: Insert Music into Your Facebook Post?

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Facebook has not released an official detail on its audio or music port onto its site. Although facebook has a collaboration with spotify company a leading and emerging music and audio industry, and in the near future facebook might even want its latest 800million users to share your own voice. Now that iPhone 4S has released SIRI where you are allowed to speak with your smartphone, how hype is that? There are many ways how facebook allows music to share in your post. In this post I’ll let you know in simple easily way to get started.

 HOW TO: Insert Music into Your Facebook Post?

As far as I can provide you with latest info, is that facebook till now has not released any official upload for sharing music without the help of any third party app. Music is greatly embed into mp3 where its too difficult when you somehow upload to facebook, you can’t trace it. Anytime you link to an MP3 you can enter the song title, artist, and album, and it will be playable from within the feed. The most used app used on facebook for music is iLike app. You can too, use this popular third party app.

Services like Grooveshark and Posterous have made users possible to share and upload music to your post and profile, and re-share with your friends.  The new facebook music in collaboration with spotify, we all are looking forward to it.

Another unpopular way of getting Music played instantly in real time on your facebook post is that you insert and follow these code.

  1. &
  2. attachment={
  3. 'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
  4. 'title':'SONG_TITLE_HERE',
  5. 'artist':'ARTIST_NAME_HERE',
  6. 'src': 'MP3_URL_HERE'}]}
  7. &target_id=

Now enter the particulars correctly, enter the song title, artist name, MP3 url. Just make sure that mp3 url is a valid one. Now after you set your particulars, just copy paste the code on you address bar and see the magic working for you and your friends.

here’s an example of Akon’s – Mr.lonely Song:

  1. &
  2. attachment={
  3. 'media': [{'type': 'mp3',
  4. 'title':'Mr.Lonely',
  5. 'artist':'Akon',
  6. 'src': ''}]}
  7. &target_id=

You want to test run this code, just copy paste on your address bar of browser.

Seems to me that there will be more talking on Facebook!

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