Google Drive Cloud Storage Sharing Service with 5GB Free Web Space – LIVE

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In recent times we have seen the long run among companies battling for cloud storage. Google too comes up with its Google drive cloud storage sharing service, similar to may other cloud storage services like Apple‘s iCloud, Dropbox, and many others. Google drive cloud storage is a new and emerging Google product. This much anticipated Google drive cloud storage is going to be released in upcoming week. The Google cloud storage was supposed to be released earlier that its rivals, but due to technical difficulties, its will be launching in coming week as reported by TNW – Google Drive Cloud Storage. The long story – short, the 5GB free space will be launching at
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You might be worried to which platform this google cloud drive works; infact Google’s cloud drive will be released for various platforms like windows, mac, android, iOS and many more.

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Google Drive Cloud Storage Sharing Service offering 5GB Free cloud space

The very important issue here is competition, what’s in this Google drive cloud, which isn’t available with anyother serivce? The answer is very simple – 5GB free web space with the prestigious Google company. Most of the cloud storage web space offered is around 2GB or so, with the effect of 5GB free web space then its just storage and cloud storage and more storage only. Visitors will simply get this google drive cloud, simply because it offers 5GB free cloud storage.
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But the real question here is – Do we really require a cloud storage? If you are looking for a large cloud storage, then you will be needing a high speed internet, unless you have one its almost useless to have a cloud storage account offered by any company for that matter. Google drive cloud storage will be good and will be released in upcoming week, I suggest you stay tuned for this latest update.

You might have also heard about Google’s latest innovative Google project Glass, Google Play and now this Google drive cloud sharing service. I mean what is Google upto? It has more service than subscribers. No offense to Google but Google is lacking attraction. Most visitors who hear about these cool, services from Google – there first response is WOW, then here we are with just another service from Google.
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Otherwise Google rocks your world. Anyways, the solid information is Google drive cloud storage will be releasing in the next week, as per reports from tech source. So, we are certainly looking forward to it. Hope to see a better interface and features.

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