How to Stay Connected while Travelling

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Whether you are boarding a plane to Asia, trains in Europe or a car destined for the next city over, it is an inevitability of travelling that you won’t always be able to find a good wireless network signal or a spot to plug in your electronics. But what if you’re running a business, and every second you spend unplugged cuts into profits?

Luckily, a trip through tech world provides you with a range of ways to stay fully charged and connected. You’ll have to weigh the options; some products are more lightweight but also more expensive. And some may have greater charging capabilities but are only made for one specific gadget. With a little research and preparation, however, you can find the power sources and built-in wireless solutions to keep you in the know while you’re on the go. Here’s what you need.

stay connected while travelling1 How to Stay Connected while Travelling

–> A good tablet. Because of their independent wifi capabilities, tablets may be the perfect tool to keep you connected, especially if you can’t find a place with a signal. Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD comes with wireless service on a 4G network, while the Apple iPad mini has a similar wifi and cellular network. These small devices can not only help you stay connected when you need it most but they can also be a good companion on solo trips, with the capability to watch movies, read books, and surf the Internet as well as keep in touch with work.

–> A car charger for all your devices. You can find an adapter that connects to your car’s cigarette lighter to charge your smart phone, but did you know that you can also buy one to charge your laptop? It’s a little cumbersome, but a Universal Laptop Car Adapter can come in handy on road trips that turn into impromptu business work days.

–> An extra battery – just in case. If you’re really pressed for power and aren’t travelling by car, try getting a super compact all-in-one battery like the Veho Pebble Pro. It’s about twice the size of a smartphone but still portable enough to slip into a pocket or a backpack. And you can use it to charge all of your devices, including your computer, instead of carrying a charger for each gadget you own.

–> A light notebook. Long hailed for their innovative designs, Apple products are often mentioned in conjunction with a heavy travel schedule because they can take a licking that would put most notebooks out of commission. The newest offering from the tech company is the updated Macbook pro, which is super thin (very important if you always aim to travel light) and boasts a seven-hour battery life, meaning you can stay unplugged for longer.


  1. thanks for sharing such a wonderful information to connected with world. according to me my tablet is the best source to stay online while traveling. it always helpful to me. but completely agree with the third point there you mention about extra battery. feeling really amazing while reading this post. one respect for sure.

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