Does Windows 8 Boots up in 8 Seconds Only?

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The latest buzz about buzz in Windows in its newest and latest Windows 8. Does Windows 8 really boots up in 8 seconds. The answer is yes! Follow this video, you find more info where an associate of a company demonstrate the booting time of Windows 8. So, why this buzz about Windows 8? Windows 8 obviously now want to become super power in Operating system space. With Android being released and becoming more and more popular, its obvious that Microsoft is try its best to hold its OS Windows. Because they fear that in the near future Android might replace their OS. Sounds funny right? But this the truth Windows 8 is just want to hold its standards to make it up to the mark.

It seems that Microsoft is working very hard to make their product Windows 8 to publicize and popularize in the Operating system market. But Google is monitoring all the developments happening at Microsoft, and they are aware of it. They just want to conquer over Microsoft and become supreme power in the Internet Age.

Did you like Windows 8 latest OS? Here are some screen videos of the interface:

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  1. I’ve heard a lot about Windows 8 and I think it’s going the most powerful version of Windows we’ve seen yet.

  2. I badly need a licensed version of Windows 8;) OPne of advanced ulti version of windows it is!!!

  3. Great information about Windows 8. It sounds very good if Windows 8 Boots up in 8 Seconds.

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  4. Gaurav Garg says:

    Yess it Is Most Power Full version Of Windows OS.
    i think no One never beat the MS

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  5. Tejas says:

    looks good !! and a good review :)

  6. Rebecca says:

    You have provided a very nice and great info detail, thanks for sharing…

  7. Wow! That’s a pretty impressive boot up time! I’m looking forward to trying it out myself.


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